Founded in 1986 by Antonio Dragonas, Tony Dragon’s Grille started off as a small stainless-steel push-wagon: the platform from which Antonio would begin selling hot dogs and pretzels and eventually lead to what has become an institution of fine gourmet Greek/Mediterranean food. From common hot dog pusher to pioneer street-burger flipper to artisan chicken-breast griller, Tony’s commitment to continually reinventing himself quickly gained him the attention of some of New York’s most prominent media outlets (The New York Times / New York Post), as well as a slew of loyal customers. Now 30 years later and a Food-Truck at that: the mission has been further elevated so that quality-fresh food could mean a lot more. Wild Salmon, Free-Range Chicken Breast, USDA Choice Rib-Eye Steak, and an expanded selection of fresh Mediterranean Salads. We promise to align our supply-chain in a more sustainable fashion moving forward, when it is possible for us to do so.